White Wednesday

Imagine the squeal of delight when I found a blogger hosting a "White" theme every week! Like so many, I'm intrigued and inspired by shades of white. I'm just delighted to be part of this new group!

As I was unpacking the bits of lace from our Door County trip, I was stringing them up on the mannequin that Mr. Blessing was working on for me - trying to keep them off the floor. After a bit, I glanced up and fell in love. If I were skinnier, I'd make an outfit for myself like that!

I'm always on the hunt for old dressforms but these were destined for the shop so they were getting some TLC. Dying their "skin" or removing the cloth covering is always first on the agenda. The adjustable forms have a great cardboard/paperbag color under their typically hideous fabric covers. Mr. Blessing just loves helping me pick all the fabric out of the joints =)

Thank you to Faded Charm Cottage for coming up with this great idea! I can't wait for next Wednesday.
Posted by ~ Counting Your Blessings
(sorry the lacy outfit isn't quite ready for people-ware yet)
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