Gypsy Junkin

I began “junkin” mostly out of necessity when I first moved out on my own. I started with pots, pans and all the staples one needs. Then it evolved into the furnishings for my very own place.

Fast forward 20 or so years... I decided to start selling my wares and share my eclectic style. I opened a few booths in local co-ops then eventually graduated to my very own store. It had always been my dream, It was the most amazing and educational experience of my life. It was a huge pivotal part of bringing me to where I am today. It helped to wake up my soul and face it in the right direction of where I need to be. Due to time constraints eventually I closed the brick and mortar shop and moved the goods home, selling mostly on-line.

It's finally all in place and balance, now I can really concentrate on what I love, making art, displays, and picking. Nothing can beat a good hot, sticky, grungy day at the flea market. Now, that is heaven to me. Not only the finds but the cast of characters and the thrill of haggling down to a great price. Simply divine!

As well as my online store, I also run a monthly Gypsy Barn Market with my close friend Jill and travel with my wares to shows incorporating all the things I adore.

(Click Here to Visit Gypsy Barn Market)

For me things are ever evolving. I just run with it and know that I'll always get where I'm going. I just have to buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Beth - Gypsy Fish Studio

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