A Shabby White Wednesday

Do you ever want to try a simple little project,
but for whatever reason it just never comes together?

Well, everything fell into place last Sunday
 when I had found a perfect old lampshade.

My crystal prisms were within easy reach,
the French Crinkle ribbon from Polly was in the cupboard,

and a beautiful crystal lamp
was just waiting for it's shining moment.

With a few minutes inspiration
I had what I'd been waiting for...

My little Shabby Lampshade!

And here she is dressed for Fall
in some Bittersweet. 

I'm enjoying having her in my studio these Fall Evenings.
Her reflection in the mirror,
maximizes her cozy glow.

Sometimes things in our lives "sit on the shelf",
Until God's perfect timing brings them all together...
at just the right time.

Then all the elements find their synchronicity
And a thing of beauty emerges.

Have a Wonderful White Wednesday, dear friends.


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