Collecting Tips for Antique Prints

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*Collecting Tips for Antique Prints*
I am often asked the question "What should I look for when collecting antique prints?" Most folks aren't sure where to even start, so after 35 years of wandering antique stores and scouring endless flea markets, I'm happy to share with you. Hopefully, this will help you acquire prints with outstanding quality that you will be pleased with for years to come.

I’ve been drawn to old rose prints as long as I can recall, and often refer to their charm as “curb appeal”. As you walk by these beauties, their old, shimmering, imperfect glass beckons you to come closer. Without a doubt, the old cabbage rose prints certainly have a panache that the new prints lack, and they have many outstanding qualities that are not duplicated today. Rose prints fascinated ladies well before the Victorian era, and are just as popular with women today. Garden roses are highly collectible, and are becoming more scarce each day. The shabby chic and romantic cottage themes have pushed these prints to the forefront of collecting, as folks scramble to decorate their homes with a vintage flair. They are the perfect companion not only for the shabby look, but also compliment the elegant d├ęcor and rich patina paints.

Tune in next Wednesday, January 26th, for the continuing story, which details how the old prints were made back in the 1890's...

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