Last Fall I was overwhelmed with work stress.  Not because work had suddenly become difficult but because I felt chained to the computer, like I was missing life.  I took a rare day off to visit Joy's Shop the Shed sale and when I mentioned this feeling of being overwhelmed to her, she suggested that I try out a smartphone.  I hadn't owned a cell phone for several years so, as you can imagine, I was pretty stunned at the technology and overwhelmed with the choices.  

I was concerned that if I had a computer with me at all times, it might intrude on my time.  In fact, when I first got my phone my daughter said, "Great, now you'll be a work-all-the-time mom".   But I was determined to not let that happen!  

At a time when businesses all around us are downsizing, it seemed crazy to buy an expensive phone that was going to create another monthly bill.  It was a difficult decision but one that I'm so glad I made!  All of a sudden I really can get more done in less time.  I use my phone more as a computer than a phone.  I can answer email from anywhere (oh the joy of 4G!), leave comments on blogs, review drafts of our magazine ads, take a picture while I'm shopping the flea market and email it off to a prospective client.  There's even a photoshop application.  My cell phone is becoming a valuable business asset but the best thing it has done for my business is that it allows me to do nearly everything on the go.  It's a pocket-sized computer!  Who would've thought that technology would be a junkers dream?!

So here's what I want to know...  Have you downsized (from a computer to a smartphone)?  And if so, how does your smartphone enhance your business? 

Posted by: Polly ~ Counting Your Blessings
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