Decorating with Cupids!

from Nancy at Victorian Rose Prints... DECORATING WITH CUPIDS
Goodness sakes, who can resist cupids! Whether you call them cupid, putti, cherub, fairy, or angel, they instantly create an image of a fluttering celestial darling in our mind, captivating the innermost feelings of our hearts.

Some of the best cupid artists are indeed from the "old dead guys", namely Boucher, Bouguereau, Tojetti, and Munier. All of them portray the chubby, roly-poly, fat, baby bodies that we love. Most of the pre-1860 cupid prints found are the old engravings, made with steel plates, and often hand colored. Fast forward to the Victorian 1890's, and they switch over to the lovely chromolithograph studies we are so fond of.

Cupid prints are indeed lovely when framed up for the bedroom, as they evoke romance and thoughts of love. Sure, the old engravings and prints can be pricey, but you can also use affordable reproductions to decorate. Often their colors have been provacatively tweaked, and you get a newer print that has even better coloring than the old print! If you're into scrapbooking, try trimming the print and use just the central image for a dramatic focal point.

What if you just need an image and don't necessarily want to invest a large wad of cash in an old print? Look for dealers that sell digital image downloads, or scans. Most often, you can stretch the image, enlarging or minimizing the scan to fit your application. Add text, coloring, and more to make it your own personal handiwork. Then digitally apply it within note cards, letterheads, billheads, wrapping paper...the possibilities are endless! The best part is that the digital scans are so inexpensive, often only $3-$4. Where can you find them? Stop on by our Etsy stores where we have both cupid, lady and rose digital scans. We're always adding new images, and of course, ask if there is something you're looking for, as we rotate our stock, and may have it in the "back room".

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