Outdoor Lace Screens

As some of you know, our historic farmhouse didn't come with farm LAND.  We actually have neighbors within feet of us on both sides.  Sometimes it's necessary to create some privacy.  This Summer I thought I'd try something new...

 I drew inspiration from the lace curtains that I saw in blogland on Moon to Moon.

 We found some large porch screens at the local salvage store for $5 each.  We attached the frames to the back of our deck and hung different sizes and colors of lace tablecloths from the frames (right over the old screens - it keeps them from blowing around).   
Pardon my dying flowers -I keep finding the vase "mysteriously" spilled on the ground after the boys have been playing football.

 The afternoon light that comes through the lace is sweet and it blocks the view of neighbors that sometimes wear their birthday suits in the hot tub.

Posted by: Polly ~ Counting Your Blessings

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