Repurposed Vintage

Repurposed Vintage

I've been "working" with vintage fabrics and jewelry bits in my studio, which really means, I've been playing. As often as I can!  If you look in the back of your jewelry box, in your dusty tool chest, in your button box, and in your linen closet, I guarantee you will find treasures that yearn to see the light of day. And...if you are in "midlife" as I am, you will discover that your treasures are now vintage! If you play with them, I guarantee that you will come up with satisfying, personal, repurposed little creations that you can wear and enjoy. Here are some pieces from my shop...

a brooch inside an old pocket watch

antique mother of pearl button with a 
'50s charm and various goodies

a vintage door latch, antique button, and
odds and ends...

another watch, a '50s souvenir brooch, and
some vintage-style wings...

part of a belt buckle, antique perfume bottle,
with pearly bits...

here I mixed buttons from the 1800's to the present
to stack into rings...

here I've lined a cuff in soft grain sack
and topped it with a vintage rhinestone piece


I hope that I've inspired you to get out your
toys, and to play!

All my best,

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