Voila! ... French Inspiration

French enamelware makes my heart sing ... something about it's rustic beauty really speaks to me. It's pretty and practical.

French coffee pot found here.

An enamel rack to hold utensils or towels, from here.

A simple kitchen colander resides here.

This is unique ... a liquid measuring container, take a peek here.

I would LOVE to have a few French enamelware pieces in my kitchen .... I feel a NEW collection bug coming on! What French item has inspired you lately? Pass on the inspiration below ... we'd love to see what your fancy is!

I have to apologize for not visiting each and everyone of you as I try to do ... this has been an extremely busy month for me and will continue to be so for another week or two. But I HAVE been taking a look at your posts and diggin' what I see ... you gals sure do have a wealth of French inspiration to share and I thank ALL of you for doing so. I'll be back making my rounds very, very soon ; )


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