Trend: Color Blocking
As seen in Neiman Marcus' new online catalogue, color blocking is an Autumn'11 trend. We've been there before, haven't we, ladies? (Well, some of us have!)

And in keeping with the "trend" to not spend our pennies, and to reuse and recycle, I am
taking us on a vintage color block shopping spree on  Etsy....

There is both vintage color block apparel out there,

as well as color block accessories...

all vintage, of course,

some in muted tones,

and some in bright jewel tones!
A colorful belt will color block any outfit!

A vintage color block bag.

 We can enjoy Autumn 'll trends, not spend alot of money, and have our purchases arrive at our front door? That gives us time to stop and smell the roses.. :)

All my best,
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