Voila!...French Inspiration

French Toile ... Confession: I have a "love ~ hate" relationship with toile ... it's not the toile, it's me and admittedly I'm fickle. There are some days I swoon over it and others I can't stand the repetitive pattern. My creative hands have been working with many different vintage and antique fabrics of late. I've been designing and sewing up purses by the armload. Last week my girlfriend called and said she had some "French Toile" she picked up years ago at the flea market and offered me a "deal". If I made a purse for her {out of the toile} I could have the remaining yardage of fabric. Great. {insert sarcasm}...just what I wanted tons of toile. To my surprise I fell in love ... at first sight ... take a look:
the scene is so amazing ... villagers, dogs, boys playing ball ... farm animals ... each time I look closer at the print I notice something new ... goats or a man on horseback. 
And the colors are to die for!
Rich browns mixed with teal,ed,mustard yellow and a bit of lavender with just the slightest thread of metallic gold running throughout.

I couldn't wait to start creating new bags with it ... slipping in little pieces here and there

big bold pieces cover an entire backside ...

So now I'm smitten with toile again ... and next time a friend offers up yardage of the stuff I'll be less likely to turn up my nose so quickly!

Link on up below and show us what French item you're smitten with ....

Jill {Gypsy Brocante}

ps. I just posted a bag giveaway ... if you want a chance {or two, or three} you can enter HERE

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