Voila! ... French Inspiration

Hello everyone! Yesterday I took a little time off from creating purses to organize a portion of my sewing room ... and ...  I think it's a perfect little project to share with you for some French inspiration.

I started with an abandoned French Provencal dresser drawer {funny how these items are so easily found lurking in the basement!} ... it was just the right size for what I had in mind, long, narrow, and not too deep.
A quick dry brushing coat of creamy paint in "Swiss Coffee" ... ala Home Depot
I painted the entire drawer inside and out ... all the way around. Always love the french style brass hardware.
Back up to the sewing room and here is what I intend to use my new French drawer for ...
My stash of forever falling over and multiply and unraveling rolls and rolls of seam binding!
Here's the before shot:
... and here's the after:
VOILA! HUGE improvement wouldn't you say?
Now I can see all the color choices at first glance, no digging thru the pile and it's so pretty {maybe} I'll be encouraged to keep it looking so organized! Plus now the seam binding is not taking up valuable fabric space on the shelf ... it slides easily under my work table. {light bulb!!} ... maybe I could add little wheels to the bottom?
Hope everyone enjoyed my little bit of French inspired inspiration ... and are enjoying the rest of your summer .... see you next week!

Jill {Gypsy Brocante}
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