Voila! ... French Inspiration

Hello and welcome!
This week I need your help ... I need your inspirational input.
For this HUGE French frame

 Sorry, no before pictures ... even though this piece has been hiding out in my basement for a few years now, once I had the urge to white wash it I couldn't be bothered to take the time to photograph it. Are you ever like that? Just picture it as all gold, flat with no luster. It's actually a vintage syrocco item and the largest I have ever seen.
 Originally it held a mirror ...

So, I need to finish it's transformation from ugly duckling to swan and now I'm stuck. There are so many possibilities ... and I thought since you gals are the French "experts" when it comes to inspiration I'd ask your opinion. What to do next?? Here are the options I'm mulling over:
a.) put mirror back in
b.) make into a chalkboard
c.) use burlap and batting, stencil w/french wording use as "art" or message board
d.) open to suggestions ... help!

Shout out your ideas and weigh in ... and while you're at it link on up what you have to share this week.
Thanks for the help ; )

Jill {Gypsy Brocante}

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