Voila! Lace Inspiration

 Today's Voila - French Inspiration is a bit upside down.  
Not the usual hostess or project.  Jill asked me to "guest host" this morning as she has some things that needed her last minute attention.  Normally, I have lots of projects in the oven with a bit of French flair but this week I've been working on a few lacy treats.  But they definitely have that Voila factor!  The first are these old suitcases. 
They were already a shade of white so it was super easy to cover them with layers of lace and doilies.

 The other project wasn't quite so easy.  Recovering upholstered pieces is NOT one of Mr. Blessings favorite things!

These chairs were so ugly to begin with (and we got them free) so I figured we couldn't make them any worse.  It was a good time to try out something different.  We painted the entire thing, upholstery and all!  Initially I wanted to stencil it with a French image or wording but I couldn't get what I wanted to fit right. Then this idea popped into my head and I just had to give it a whirl.

And Voila!
So there really isn't anything French about my projects this week but the chair was initially French inspired.  That counts, right?!

Posted by ~ Polly - Counting Your Blessings

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