Ugly Duckling

 We had abused this cheap bifold door over the years, and it stood in the back of our garage for way too long.
Then one day I realized I needed it to hide
some ugly plastic bins in my sewing room...

So I laid the doors flat on my dining room table, searched high and low for the staple gun, batting and raw linen, and began
to stretch the linen over a layer of batting.

I stapled the linen to the outer edges of the doors.  And I covered the back of the panels with linen without any batting.  Which left me with miles of ugly stapled edges. But I had some linen left, 
so I sewed up some "tapes" to cover the stapled edges. Then I searched high and low again for my glue gun, and began gluing.
In this fuzzy photo you can see how the tape
covered the stapled edges nicely, and left room for the hinges.
Here's another view.

and now I have a nice upholstered bifold panel to hide all of (ok, some of) my big plastic bins of fabrics. 
I bet you have an old bifold door in the back of your garage....want to try upholstering it?
I'm going to try upholstering this little ugly ottoman next....maybe in grain sack....
Wish me luck!
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