The Language of Other Flowers

From Nancy at Pink Rose Lady & Victorian Rose Prints

Most of us are acquainted with the Language of Flowers, especially the Queen of the Flowers, the mighty rose. But what sentiments do the other flowers convey? As mentioned in our earlier essay, the Language of Flowers has been around since Victorian times, and hundreds of books are devoted to the simple flower's meaning. Here's a sampling of their sentiments.

One of my all-time favorites is the big, showy hydrangea. Who can resist those softball-sized blooms, particularly the creamy white Annabelle hydrangea. Well now, it lives up to its reputation, as it signifies "Boastiness"!

The gorgeous clematis, a Spring favorite in the Northern areas, personifies "Mental Beauty". The peony, quite surprisingly, is associated with "Bashfulness"! Primroses portray "Early Youth", and perky daffodils point to "High Regard". Oddly enough, daffodils savagely strive to be top dog, so remember, if you combine them in a vase with other flowers, you'll awake the next morning to a vase of wilted flowers, with only the daffodil retaining its splendor. It has an uncanny and certainly unexpected nerve to ditch all its competitors!

Summer flowers are the joy of all kitchens and bring the outdoors inside for all to share. The simple, yet hardy, zinnia makes one think "Thoughts of Absent Friends". Those huge dinnerplate dahlias with their splendid heads, always a big winner at the local State Fair, are associated with "Instability", maybe because their stems are weak. The old, non-hybridized oak leaf geranium signals "True Friendship". You gotta love 'em, as they just seem to thrive, no matter how neglected they become. Another favorite, the lily of the valley, signifies "The Return of Happiness".

So how can one know what to give in a bouquet, that is, if you want send a signal from the Language of Flowers by saying something special with a spectacular bloom? There are many books, old and new, that are available. It's been reprinted many times, and is still a favorite, and is easy to find.

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